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Solutions for forestry
Machinery used in construction and forestry must cope with massive strains and tough challenges. You must be able to rely on the machines working at full capacity, without major disruptions, despite intensive use under challenging conditions.
Having reliable equipment reduces operational costs and maximizes equipment usage and Lubricants a will work with you to select the optimum range of oils and lubricants to ensure harvesting, transportation and wood-processing is as efficient and cost effective as possible.

We have oils, greases and specialty fluids for both the forestry and wood industries.  We not only have products for skidders, logging trucks, feller-bunchers, processors, harvesters, de-barkers, and other logging and forestry applications but we carry a range of solutions for Wood Working Machines, Dryers, Continuous Presses, Conveyors and other critical equipment that are central to the Wood Industry.